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Gordon Cremers

For more than 40 years, Gordon owned Cremers Interiors, an Interior Design business serving the new home market, model homes, commercial executive offices, and the hostpitality and healthcare industries. Gordon purchased the Designers Guild Build in 1979 with the intention of making it a ‘designers’ marketplace. He moved Cremers Interiors into the building and started a new venture, Guild Warehouse Services, to offer receiving, delivery, merchandise warehousing and furniture repair services to local interior designers. After deciding that the timing wasn’t right for the “marketplace” idea, Gordon saw an opportunity to convert the building to unique office space for an array of entrepreneurial businesses in the Warehouse District.

In 1996 Gordon “retired” from the interior design business and closed both Cremers Interiors and Guild Warehouse Services. Along with his son, Charlie, he is still a tenant in the building, officing on the main level with his other business ventures. Gordon is still very involved with the day-to-day operations of the building. But he is most well-known among the tenants as the designer of their unique offices. Unable to completely abandon his interior design career, Gordon still hand draws his floor plans and visual designs, which he refers to as his “funny papers“.

Charlie Cremers

Gordon’s son Charlie practically grew up in the Designers Guild Building. In 1978, Charlie joined Cremers Interiors and was promoted to general manager in 1981. When Gordon decided to convert the Designers Guild Building into office space, Charlie assisted in the conversion. Charlie also supervised the complete construction renovation of the building in 1982.

Today, Charlie is the property manager and co-owner of the building. He leases out office space, plans and oversees tenant and capital improvements, tends to tenant relations, and supervises the building’s staff, vendors and contractors. He also handles all the daily “surprises” that come with any building. As a hands-on owner, Charlie wears many hats. He works hard to keep the building  in first-class shape and to make certain tenants are happy. Charlie sincerely loves what he does – just ask any of the tenants.

Randy Cremers

Gordon’s son Randy started his own company, Interior Surfaces, in 1980 – specializing in painting and wall covering.  This business led Randy into many fine homes and also to some very large resort projects in Colorado and Hawaii.  When our long-time maintenance man Darrell decided to ‘retire,’ we knew we needed to find just the right person to fill those shoes!  Randy was the clear choice!  Randy’s great sense of color has given new life to the common areas of the building as well as tenant suites.  Randy brought his skill and expertise to the Designers Guild Building in 2008 and the building has never looked better!

Jeff Davis

Jeff jumped on board with ‘DGB’ in 2008.  Jeff is quick to respond to the day-to-day issues that pop-up!  Most days you can find Jeff by simply looking up… up on a ladder, that is – changing light bulbs or hanging artwork.  If he’s not there – he’ll be in the maintenance ‘office’ helping to monitor the HVAC computer system or working off one of his many To-Do Lists… they are his specialty.  Jeff is hard-working – seeing what needs to be done and doing it.


Darrell Waldorf

When Gordon purchased Designers Guild Building in 1979, he got more than he bargained for: Darrell came with the building. Initially, Darrell worked for Cremers Interiors and helped open and operate the Guild Warehouse. Having worked in the building since the early ’60s. Darrell knows it better than anyone. He’s been there to see the building change from a merchandise warehouse into an office building, and he knows all of its nooks and crannies. Darrell has now retired – but you will still see him occasionally – ‘here and there’, around the building doing various “fix-it” jobs!  You can call him “Mr. Fixit.”

Donna Pellman

Donna joined the Designers Guild Building in November, 2006 as their office manager. Donna handles all of the accounting functions of the building, manages the parking ramp and is Charlie’s right hand assistant. Tenants can call on her and she is quick with a response.


Roxy (Randy’s pooch)

Roxy joined the ‘DGB’ team in 2010.  She quickly became acclimated to making the daily rounds with Randy.  Within weeks – she knew which tenant suites had treats… and you can now occasionally find her sitting outside a door patiently waiting for a snack!  Roxy brings a tail wag to all she meets on her travels throughout the building.

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