Imagine driving to work (your home away from home) with the top down…  Now, it’s lunchtime & you come out to your car only to find your precious convertible filled with rain or snow. (That is, if you haven’t been towed)  Well, the Designers Guild Building has got you COVERED.  Literally COVERED!

Parking Ramp

‘DGB’ offers COVERED (and non-covered) stalls of monthly contract parking, as well as a COVERED walkway to get you from auto to office.  For information on General Parking as well as Reserved Parking Rates/Availability, call 612-332-5000.

**Tenants’ customer parking is also available – call 612-332-5000 for pricing and availability.

Metered Parking

Visitors and clients can use the public metered parking located on city streets around the building.

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